The 4D Challenge

The 4D Challenge is this: I will assist the first major university to publicly endorse 4D Theory in the creation of a mathematical model explaining time dilation and incorporating the mathematics of String Theory through intuitive reasoning. 

Time Dilation is one of the main reasons why modern physics believes that Time is the fourth dimension. Time is not the fourth dimension. I have a different, intuitive, explanation for the phenomenon. 

String Theory has merit but is based on a mathematical definition of "dimension" that does not reflect real life. however, the results of the mathematics are so enticing that many mathematical physicists pursue it regardless of the fact that it cannot be tested. I think I know how the mathematics (not the descriptive logic) will be incorporated into 4D Theory. 

I will share these ideas and anything else I can think of with the first major university to leap into the unknown and admit that the standard model simply cannot be correct due to the fact that it doesn't explain the things that need explaining and it is based on a term (dimension) without a definition in the context of real life. 

It is my desire that the first major university to publicly endorse 4D Theory be the one that gets credit (and naming rights) for the mathematical model of this theory. 

In the case of multiple endorsements within 24 hours by major universities, a solution will be sought where all pertinent universities can work together on the mathematical model of 4D Theory. 

Caveat to the 4D Challenge

Finally, I would like to note that once a person, or group of people, embrace 4D Theory they may be able to figure out Time Dilation and the application of String Theory on their own. This is an intuitive theory after all.

Therefore, my assistance does not guarantee that your university will be the first to create a viable mathematical model of this theory.