4D Theology

Two Notes of Advice for Understanding 4D Theology

There is No MAGIC

4D Reality has the capacity to be infinitely more complex that 3D reality and a 4D being is infinitely more powerful than a 3D being based on the physics alone. This means that by invoking the idea of a fourth spatial dimension, all phenomena formerly attributed to MAGIC must now be attributed to interactions between 4D and 3D states of being. 

The fact that supernatural phenomena are more scientifically plausible can help many religions make the case that their description of Reality outside the universe does not contradict Science. 

However, now that it is possible to describe apparently magical phenomena via dimensional science means that every such phenomena MUST be described this way. If a spiritual or supernatural phenomenon cannot be described in a way consistent with the rest of the model then the plausibility of that model goes WAY DOWN. For example, in Greek mythology Apollo rides his chariot around the Earth and this explains the existence of the sun. If a supernatural being wanted to create a dude who could orbit the sun, this could be explained using 4D Theory, but we know through observation that there is no dude so the whole model of Greek mythology falls apart. 

Personally, I think the idea of Reincarnation is going to have a bad time. Also the Mormon idea that "good" humans become gods in charge of their own planets looks pretty weak when you consider the fact that our entire universe exists on the surface of a single object from the perspective of any extra-universal being. In this context, a galaxy is a fairly small place, let alone a planet. 

Science Cannot Prove Religion

"Christian Science" has been trying to prove God exists for ages using fossilized footprints and fighting evolution. 

Again, religious people have been fighting obvious scientific evidence in order to force people to believe in their God. This seems utterly pointless to me.

If a god wanted to force humans to believe it existed, it could make all the birds poop delicious Skittles with the words, "Hi folks, I exist and my name is Kevin," written on them in very small letters. This is a silly example but I hope it makes my point. 


This means that one of two scenarios are the case: 

  1. God does not exist. 
  2. God does exist but, for whatever reason, wants people to have the choice of whether or not they believe the god exists. 

Theists need to embrace the second scenario and focus on showing that their model of the universe is plausible and likely. Too many "Evangelists" try to use logic to try to force humans to believe in their god when, if their god exists, then according to point two it is against the will of that god to prove their existence by force.

Disclaimer: I Believe in God

Personally, I do believe in God. I believe that Jesus if the Son of the Creator. 

However, I also believe that God introduces Himself to each individual in his own way and gives each person the option of not believing in Him. 

This page is not intended to convert anyone to my religion!

The purpose of this page is to give every human the tools to think about physical Reality outside the universe. That is all religion is really about.