Characters of the Children of the Nano-Plague

There are five main characters in the Children of the Nano-Plague (CotNP) story. There are also minor characters that will be mentioned briefly.

Main Character: Charlize the Firstborne (Mind of the Five) 

Charlize was the first of the Five to be thawed. She was thawed in the first experiment by Anton, a radiation researcher who thought that radiation could reverse the nano-plague. Charlize was the only one who survive the first experiment and the other test subjects were simply reduced to a quivering goo. As soon as she was thawed she nearly died because she had been badly injured before being frozen. After emergency surgery and a blood transfusion from Anton, she healed. 

Charlize had Down's Syndrome, but the nano-plague, re-purposed to serve her needs, figured out the flaw in her genetics and fixed it reversing her Down's Syndrome and then some. She became a scientist and, without any preconceived notions, an extremely out of the box thinker. She also became an excellent communicator and the leader of the Five. 

Minor Character: Anton the Particle Physicist

Anton was a physicist who thought he could reverse the nano-plague by destroying its command stricture via radiation. It worked but in most cases the lack of command resulted in catastrophe. In a few cased (exactly five) they got lucky and DNA on the surface of their frozen bodies got propelled into the command part of the nano-particles and adopted as the new command structure, then copied to the other nano-particles who suddenly needed command structures. The network of nano-particles achieved intelligence similar to a brain network and, in most cases, integrated into their human's brain to serve as additional brain and multi-tasking capacity. 

Anton was not a great person. His technique was 1% successful and resulted in many dead. He stole frozen people from places he thought they would not be missed. 

His goal was to thaw his family who had been at a picnic when the nano-plague was first unleashed on the planet as a black rain. 

He had mixed results. 

Main Character: Peter the Old (Heart of the Five)

Peter was nearly 100 years old when he was thawed. The focus of his nano-particles immediately became to reverse his aging. His strengths became extreme health and the ability to quickly heal from wounds. 

He had been a social science professor during life (with a completely unfulfilling career) and a bit of a shy guy so he had no real family once he was thawed. His focus became social science again because, with his new-found intelligence, he could actually do some good. 

Main Character: Scarlet the Wild (Scourge of the Five)

Scarlet was a problem for everyone she ever interacted with throughout her entire life. Found in a rehab clinic, she was an addict of every drug you can imagine. 

When she was thawed, her nano-particle network first grew her teeth back and got her weight back up to healthy. However, nano-particles linked with her mind and served her desires (as it did with all the five) but her desire was first and always, for drugs. After she escaped the facility a few times to obtain drugs like meth and heroin, her body began producing the drugs for her. 

Scarlet is high every second of her life. 

Her intelligence was improved and her interest in drugs turned into an interest in drugs and chemistry. She learned how to make other chemical substances with her body and she became enamored with poisons and flammable substances. 

She learned to love the team and she usually solves more problems than she causes. Still, she makes the lives of her teammates more interesting than they would like.

Her combat contributions to the team usually involve non-conventional weapons.

Main Character: Raphael the Many (Blade of the Five) 

Raphael (Rafe) was a violent gang member known for knife fighting. He loved to think of himself as a violent problem solver for his gang. This had gotten him locked up for life and Anton had raided the prison yard for frozen subjects for his experiments. 

Rafe was an exceptionally special case within the five. The normal progression of the nano-particle intelligence involved a brief period where the nano-particle network had its own perspective. it would then merge with the mind of its host and enhance the intelligence and mental abilities of the host. 

Rafe was a social person and didn't really connect with the other people in the facility at first (Anton, Charlize, Peter, and Scarlet) so he enjoyed communicating with the forming pseudo-intelligence forming in his cells because it was similar to himself in personality and he enjoyed it's commentary and the fact that he knew it loved him absolutely. When the pseudo-intelligence was ready to merge with his mind, Rafe resisted the merger and convinced the nano-particle network to form its own personality which named itself Juan, after Rafe's brother who had died young due to gang violence. 

Juan was very interested in computer programming and, over time, manipulated Rafe's body so that it could communicate directly with computers without involving Rafe, who couldn't care at all about programming. Juan did this by learning to use electricity. Rafe could hold a USB plug in his mouth and Juan could go to town. 

The result was that Rafe learned how to use electricity in his attacks and Juan developed AI programming that it used for many things.

Main Character: Lisa the Golden Child (Outcast of the Five)

Anton had stored his family for thawing once he had perfected his technique. For reasons to be discussed later, he tried to thaw his family early and Lisa was the only one who survived. She was never Anton's favorite so, with the rest of his family dead, Anton killed himself. 

The other four left the facility with their skills developed and their friendship solidified. Lisa was the only normal member of the group so when the group left the facility and built a criminal organization, they were kind enough to leave her to her own devices. This was a mixed blessing. 

She went on to do great things but she was always lonely. The strange thing about her situation is that most of her emotional suffering happens because she is NOT emotionally damaged and thus doesn't fit in well with the rest of the group. 

She is the most balanced and least specialized of the group. Her combat focus is stealth, flight, and the use of sniper weapons. 


These are the main characters of the first arc of the story. 

There will be more later.