Children of the Nano-Plague

Children of the Nano-Plague is a story that I would eventually like to see made into a video game. I think it would make a great novel, movie, and TV series but the medium it would shine in would be video game where the action portions of the story could be experienced by the player rather than told to the reader or shown to the watcher. 

The story is called "Children of the Nano-Plague" because it begins with an alien invasion where the aliens seek to use non-violent methods to subdue humanity for later consumption using a substance that places sentient beings in a state of stasis. Humans call this substance the "Nano-Plague" because it is based on nano-technology. Humans beat back the initial invasion but for a long time much of humanity is frozen due to the nano-plague. 

Five people are cured using a highly dangerous method before a better method is found to thaw the rest of the frozen. The method that cured the five makes the nano-technology work for the five and enhances their abilities throughout the story. 

The five eventually go to Mars to root out the aliens. The aliens are responsible for seeding the planet with life and have routinely harvested all sentient life from the planet. Most iterations of sentient life, however, have been non-tool-using like the whales (who are also affected by the nano-plague.) The aliens were not prepared for human weapons of war and were defeated in their initial attempt, but their plan is to come back stronger and prepared for real war (rather than just the harvest of helpless frozen beings.)

Five massive Mechs are built from alien tech and sent to Mars to fight the aliens using the space-ship the aliens used to attack. It had been landed on the moon and used to teleport alien mechs to Earth's surface. These had been weaponized only with liquid nano-plague shooters which had not survived against tanks, attack helicopters, and a nuke.

The only humans who can pilot the human-made mechs are the Five Freaks. They were nick-named the Five Freaks because they were a little strange. However, they were strange because they had been selected for experimentation because they would not be missed if the experiment destroyed them (as it did so many others.)

The Five have many adventures that span thousands of years (most in stasis) and my vision of the story ends in the very distant future after the Five have be lost for thousands of years due to being stuck in stasis on a ship and a mutiny aboard ship that leaves no survivors. 

The Story Arcs

I have six story arcs planned for this universe. The first is the story of the Five Freaks on Earth. This story can be told as backstory and would not be the initial introduction to this universe. 

The second arc is the story of the Five during the war on Mars. This would be best told as a Mech Action RPG with the feel of Overwatch and the controls of World of Warcraft (due to many abilities) and where both the Mech and the individuals can level up and evolve different abilities. 

The third story arc would happen on a new planet. The mechs would have to be ditched due to lack of fuel and a jungle environment not suitable for mech warfare. This arch would be biology based and the story could be told as an action RPG similar to the Diablo series. The story would involve a corrupted planetary consciousness and the destruction of the wildly enhanced humans who had corrupted it. This would introduce a playable whale character who also gains abilities over time. 

The fourth story arc would happen on another planet populated by two alien races in a mostly symbiotic relationship. The whole planet is dedicated to controlled warfare due to the pursuit of technology by the advanced water based alien race, and simple dominance by the land based race of mighty barbarians. Humans come to harvest technology and build their own relationship with the aliens while carving out a base on the planet. This results in large-scale warfare best told as an RTS game (Real-Time Strategy) with a very deep upgrade tree. This could be combined with first person missions involving members of the Five. (Also, if possible, this could feature 3D RTS missions in the ocean where whale mech units fight alien biological monstrosities in the sea.)

The Fifth story arc involves space warfare against a space-going race insect-like aliens. This story arc does not involve the Five. Instead, it features space strategy and combat. If written as a book, I would want this story to resemble a David Weber Honorverse book featuring missile and beam weapon strategies along with space figher-jock warfare. The whales would be the fighter pilots in this story because their biology lends itself to 3D awareness using 3D echo sense that, combined with technology, would make them the best imaginable fighter pilots. 

The final story arc would build a picture of the extreme distant future where humans control the arms of the galaxy. The story would involve the discovery of the Five after thousands of years and the creation of new humans based on the technology of the Nano-Plague that humanity finally had the technology to understand and then reproduce. This would be a Sandbox MMO type game with both combat aspects (similar to World of Warcraft) and purely social aspects similar to Second Life. The Five would be NPCs in the game form of this story arc.

Please Help

Even though I would love for this story to start out as a video game, I suspect it might need to written as a novel or short story first. I like the majority of the combat to be told as played content in video games but the story progression and dialog with need to be written even in the case of a game.

If you think you would enjoy helping me write this story, please contact me. There are a few things that I already think I will need help with including writing female characters and dialog.