All hail the CHAOS Cube!

The Coffee Heating Austerity Optimized Solution (C.H.A.O.S.) Cube is the solution to your need for hot coffee in places without access to electricity.  The Cube is an insulated, roughly cube-shaped mug with a rechargeable battery built into the bottom.  It contains extra battery packs that will heat water or maintain temperature for a prolonged period of time.  The cube shape and no-slip rubber bottom prevent the Cube from easily tipping over.  Having a built-in corner handle and D-ring or lanyard attachment point, it allows for convenient transport.  The product also contains a touch-screen and storage space for instant coffee packets or other coffee paraphernalia.

The CHAOS Cube could allow you to heat up water for his instant coffee while riding in a convoy through Iraq.  You could use the Cube to heat soup as a snack while in a guard tower after drinking his hot coffee.  The Cube can even be used to make coffee several times a day during a hiking or camping trip after you return home from his deployment. 

The Cube allows for better tasting coffee on long road trips.  Instead of purchasing another cup at a rest stop, you can easily refill the water and brew another cup. 

Anywhere coffee is needed, coffee can be had with the CHAOS Cube.