Patry Consulting

I made Patry Consulting as a vehicle to leverage my MBA and other skills primarily toward business consulting. 


My primary business strength is marketing strategy. 

Here is an example of a strategy paper I wrote for my strategy class in my MBA program. 

Marketing strategy involves much more than advertising. It is the big-picture perspective on the whole market that focuses on the opportunities and potential problems in the market and guides decision making around the facts of the business landscape. This starts with product design incorporating pricing, placement, and promotion decisions into the product design in order to make a practical plan for the foreseeable future. If your business has not created a marketing strategy plan, I suggest you make one even if your business is doing fine right now and even if you do not use my services. 

The following video was my final project for the capstone project of my MBA program. It illustrates my ability to design a product. (The details are fictional and required by the project in order to provide a context for a business plan proposal. However, the product design, product illustrations, and logo are mine. 

Social, Cultural, and Ethical Consulting

I have a BA in Sociology and an abiding interest in the science of social interaction.

I can offer social analysis of any social problem. Do you have a problem? My analysis will give you insight into the guts of that problem. 

Social Consulting

Are you having trouble with someone? Is one of your employees or friends having a problem with someone else? I can offer insight. 

Social Reality is a place populated by social objects. If you look at social problems this way you can often look for the social objects (like anger or pride) causing the problems in your social networks. 

I can help.

Culture Consulting

What is the general atmosphere like where you work or live? If the air goes out of a room when a certain person enters the room, or if employees at your company seem to be acting in ways contrary to the interests of your company then there is probably a problem of culture in that situation.

Culture is the term for the general set of assumptions and values within a given social network. Each of us are members of multiple different social networks each with their own culture. For example, you might be part of a company, family, friend-group, church, and/or motorcycle gang all at the same time and each has its own assumptions and values. 

When values and assumptions contradict, that causes stress. 

When assumptions and values developed organically in a way contrary to the interests of the organization, that creates a detrimental culture that needs to be corrected.

I can help.

Ethics Consulting

Ethics is a difficult subject because the idea of ethics is so poorly understood. 

All ethical theories have flaws. There is no easy way to figure out ethical dilemmas. 

However, there are many hard ways to approach ethics and many more incorrect ways. The best approach to ethics involves focusing on the assumptions and values of only the individuals and groups involved in the conflict and then making the choice that feels right

I can help. 

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