Tim Patry

Theory Update

My theories have evolved since the last iteration. If you are familiar with previous iterations of my theories please give this iteration its own chance because much has changed. 

The last iteration of my physics theory introduced the expansion of space as a major focus. 

This iteration of the theory is completely focused on the expansion of space leaving the Fourth Dimension for a future theory. 

Space EXpansion Theory 

Space EXpansion Theory is another name for the Big Bang Theory. You might be wondering, "Is Tim suddenly taking credit for the Big Bang Theory? 

Not at all. 

I think the Big Bank Theory is broken and always has been only because the theory was translated into a mathematical theory before it was conceptually understood. I do not bring new concepts to the theory but I do remove concepts from the theory. It is difficult to explain, but essentially I will build the Big Bang Theory from scratch and, in the process, show how misunderstanding the Big Bang Theory were the cause of Dark Matter and Dark Energy as placeholder concepts for aspects of physics that did not work mathematically. 

Every component of my theory already exists in the science.I am taking those components and reforging them into a new model. This is the model that Einstein and Hubble should have build nearly a decade ago. As you will see, the tools were there.