Tim Patry

Theory Update

My theories have evolved since the last iteration. If you are familiar with previous iterations of my theories please give this iteration its own chance because much has changed. 

The last iteration of my physics theory introduced the expansion of space as a major focus. 

This iteration of the theory is completely focused on the expansion of space leaving the Fourth Dimension for a future theory. 

I have to write the thing again because it evolved. 

I plan on working on that soon after my Naked Shorts Education Essay is Polished. 

Naked Shorts Educational Essay

I have been following the Meme-Stock movement for the last year or so and have suggested my friends and family invest in GME. This did not go over well. 

I am guessing my suggestions failed for several reasons:

First, no one wants other people to tell them how to invest their money. Fair enough. 

Second, I did not explain the background information well enough for people to understand why any of the stock market stuff had anything to do with them. 

Third, the stock market can be difficult to understand and when people hear words they don't understand or concepts for which they have no background information to contextualize, they have no incentive to pay attention. 

I wrote this essay about the current stock market, and the fundamental forces, and the mechanisms of institutional theft in order to create an educational tool to help intelligent people without knowledge of the stock market gain that knowledge. 


I have been learning from the postings on reddit and have far more knowledge about the stock market than I did one year ago. However, I still have huge gaps in my knowledge. 

I hope I understand the basics enough to give a fairly good description of the basics. However, if you are reading this it means I am still asking for help editing this document. If you find errors or if you know a better way to explain things please reach out and let me know. 

NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE: I am not licensed or qualified to give financial advice. Please independently confirm any statements you find in this essay and do your own research before making investment decisions in response to the information found in this essay. 

Naked Shorts: An Educational Essay

Letter by Dr. Jim DeCosta and Associates