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4D Globe Theory (4DGT) Split into Two Papers

Fourth Dimensional Globe Theory (4DGT) is a large theory that spans the whole of theoretical physics because it addresses the core assumptions and philosophy of modern physics.

I recently changed the name from 4D Balloon Theory because I think the term "globe" speaks to the coordinate system aspect of the model which was lacking in the "balloon" term. 

The theory was written as a single paper for the first draft (which can be found HERE) but I have made the decision to split the paper into two papers to make understanding the concepts easier for the reader. For this reason, each paper will focus on a different set of assumptions with the first paper addressing a far smaller scope of issues and the second offering a completely new model of the universe.

The theory addresses the same philosophical issues in both papers. Namely that physics needs to provide a physical description of physical Reality in order to be considered "physics" and that mathematical models are no lasting substitute for a physical description of Physical Reality. 

The first paper will be renamed: "The Doppler Exclusion Principle." This paper discusses a principle which can be derived from the principles and observations of the Big Bang Theory and the Standard Model. The implication of this principle is that all coordinate systems used to model our universe should be expanding or else error will occur in the math in proportion to the size of the coordinate system. This paper does not offer a new theory but rather calls for internal logical consistency in applying the existing theories. 

The second paper will keep the title: "4D Globe Theory" and its guiding principle is a new definition of the term "dimension". This theory does not challenge any of Einstein's mathematics but argues that the meaning behind the math is flawed because the term "dimension" is presently undefined in physical terms and you cannot use an undefined term to describe physical Reality in a meaningful way. Einstein's attempt to do this has led to a century of decline in the ability of physicists to describe the universe in descriptive language and the use of mathematics as a crutch to prop up a non-physical science. 

Furthermore, 4DGT describes the universe in a completely physical way beginning with the hypothesis that our universe exist on the surface of a four dimensional object. 

Two Versions of Each of the Two Papers

My brother was one of the first to read the first draft (which can be found HERE) and he pointed out that it seemed to written for two very different audiences at the same time and that fact made it nearly unreadable due to the cognitive dissonance. 

He was right. I wrote this paper with the goal of explaining my theory in a way that could be understood by everyone of any education level. Currently mathematics is the insurmountable gatekeeper of physics and without an understanding of advanced mathematics normal people cannot understand theoretical physics let alone participate in the field. This seems wrong. Physics is a description of physical Reality and any intelligent person should be able to understand the basic ideas of every level of physics even if the mathematical details are beyond their math knowledge. 

I did not think of the fact that a paper written to explain theoretical physics concepts to people with an 8th grade education might not appeal to those who do not need elementary physics concepts explained in detail. Therefore, to answer my brother's point, I will be separating the papers into two versions:

Advanced: This version will target those familiar with the concepts in theoretical physics and focus on convincing the target audience that massive changes are needed in the standard model in order for it to accurately describe physical Reality. 

  • Doppler Exclusion Principle: The advanced version of the paper on the Doppler Exclusion Principle will explain the internal inconsistencies in the Big Bang Theory and seek to convince those in the field of physics that all coordinate systems used in physics must be expanding due to the Metric Expansion of Space. 
  • 4 Dimensional Globe Theory (4DGT): The advanced version of 4DGT will explain the problem with the use of the mathematical definition of "dimension" in the physical description of physical Reality and seek to convince the field that the hypothesis that the universe exists on the surface of a four dimensional expanding hypersphere is worth researching. 

Simple: The simple version of 4DGT will target those who lack the education to deal with mathematical concepts or who do not understand the basic physics concepts such as momentum and waves and describe the universe in simple terms explaining basic concepts as needed. . 


The 4D Globe Theory is in flux. The current version is far behind my vision for the work. I plan on making the theory much easier to read and if you read the current version I apologize for the state of the paper. 

However, if you have the patience to read the present version, I think it would be worth the trouble because the information is there. Even the difficult version of the next scientific revolution is still a revolution in physics. 

I will still try to get the better version of the paper done as soon as possible.