About Me

My name is Tim.

and I don't like to boast. 

but of all the things, 

I like science the most. 

What is that thing? 

And what does it do?

What makes it function?

Learn its principles through, 

Observing the things, 

See how they relate. 

If we learn the connections,

The model is great!

We try not to be lazy. 

Hold the things in our head. 

Contradictions, they guide us,

To the places we're led. 

We learn what is real,

Honestly see it all. 

What mommy and dad said,

Doesn't matter at all. 

We know Truth is out there, 

But forever, out of reach. 

The pursuit of the truth,

Still has lessons to teach. 

We question the colors, 

When we look to the sky.

I invite you to join me. 

Never stop asking, "WHY?"

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